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Hi, I'm Brian Calnon, the founder of Whydeas.

During my career, I've learned how powerful and productive asking questions can be.  

At Whydeas, we've weaponized curiosity and complemented it with a First Principles approach focused on strategy development to generate better, more innovative ideas for brands and businesses.

Whydeas.  Strategic ideation and innovation fueled by relentless curiosity.

Why I started the company and what I believe.

Almost 30 years of working for blue chip brands and companies taught me that these large and successful brand-building organizations only have a few advantages over other brands and businesses.


Access to more resources and the ability to attract better talent.


They don’t have a monopoly on strategic thinking, ingenuity and great ideas.  Their deeper pockets and broader resources don't give them any leg up on idea generation or cleverness.


I want to help smaller and medium-sized companies leverage their nimbleness and openness to new ideas to ideate and innovate better and win by being smarter, faster and more strategically clever.

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