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Strategic ideas to build brands and businesses  fueled by relentless curiosity.

Idea-Focused Services






The Power of Ideas

Grow Revenue
New sources of improvements in current ones

Ideas can be a force multiplier.  They can transform your business and can:

Energize your organization
Ideas can be contagious and a catalyst of organizational change

Improve Customer Experience
Deepen loyalty of current customers and attract new ones

Improve Profitability
New efficiencies and productivity

Become more competitive
Strengthen your brand and business

Refresh your product line
Deepen loyalty of current customers and attract new ones

Supercharge a challenger brand
Better compete with bigger brands based on innovation

Why Hire Us

1. New Ideas/New Strategies. New and fresh possibilities. You'll get inspired.

2. Speed. We don't have endless meetings and bureaucracy. Fresh thinking faster.

3. Cost Effective. You get what you need when you need it.  No full-time headcount required.

4. Player and a Coach. You get targeted skills and experience but we also offer leadership and mentoring.

5. Robust Network. We can provide access to a powerful and diverse network developed over many years.

6. Candor. We won't tell you what you want to hear.  We'll challenge you and broaden your thinking.

7.  Business Resource.  Our ideas tend to focus on branding and marketing, but it's all in the service of growing your business.

8. Reduce Risk.  We've seen it/done it.  Don't take on new challenges alone.  We're a great second opinion

9.  Education.  We can share thoughts and ideas but also bring you insights about your industry and competitors.

10. We're fun.  Life is too short.  We're good at what we do but don't take ourselves too seriously. Work should be fun.

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